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“I have never met anyone like Tanya before. She amazes me with all of the knowledge she has about the human body! And her ability to see what is going on inside of you is remarkable! Not only is she able to see what’s going on, but she then is able to tell you what you can do to make matters better! I recommend Tanya to everyone I know. She has even helped me sort out why I could not drive on certain highways.” ~Sinlou, owner of True Psychics Network.

“I have used Tanya’s services to treat various and very challenging complaints over a period of almost twenty years, beginning in New York, and have always been extremely satisfied with her work. Tanya has what you might call a highly imaginative sixth sense about how to approach physical therapy, such that my sessions with her have usually resulted in better outcomes compared to other practitioners I have visited over the years. In addition to her professional skills, Tanya is warm and personable with a great sense of humor. It has been a pleasure to become acquainted during the course of my treatments. I live in New Jersey but gladly travel all the way to Massachusetts for her to work with my current physical difficulties, the result of a debilitating brain bleed. Yes, there are physical therapists in my home state who are very good, but Tanya outshines any other and is worth every mile between my home and hers.” ~Susan, patient

“Tanya’s unique ability to creatively treat and help patients heal on both the physical and spiritual/emotional levels of the body are incredible.” ~Melanie, Acupuncturist

“My sessions with Tanya were deep, profound, enlightening, and effective. She is a real gem, and I have recommended many friends to her who have all had amazing results. After I had complications from a cesarean surgery, of all the modalities I utilized in my healing quest, Tanya’s work was by far the most effective. Just a few treatments with Tanya restored my body to its pre-delivery state and enabled me to live without pain for the first time in years.” ~Raquel, Executive Director, Conscious Woman, Inc.

“After several sessions with Tanya, I realized an enormous improvement in moving my upper left arm after the heart attack and stroke that I experienced. Tanya is beyond amazing.” ~Sheryl, Mastering The Millennium Host

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