This is Owlhauk (Owl) Rose Tarail’s book


By Owlhauk Rose Tarail


I can’t remember when I found my owl wings, ark angel wings, talons, beak, or magic, thanks to my horrible short-term memory. At least I remember how to teach you the what, where, and how of your magic, and how to handle it. I have shown my mom about her magic, and Kat, my sister, is the expert in the house. I haven’t shown my dad yet, although I will one day. Actually, I think I found my magic when I turned ten (June 22, 2015). Anyway, I’ve got no idea what else goes into an introduction, so you’re going to read the rest of this book starting now.
P.S. If you do have an idea, contact my mom,

Wing Flapping

For starters, move your shoulder blades back and forth. Can you feel a fluttering behind you? That’s your wings flapping! You can try it with your arms flapping too and now your bird wings are active along with your angel wings. Eventually you will be able to flap them by thinking about your back wings moving. Everybody’s wings are indigo blue lined with stars. Your bird wings are entirely different from anyone else’s. A bit like fingertips.

Tail Waving

You can’t fly without a tail, that’s a definite. Your tail is like a rudder, many flyers need it. A great way to start is to think about moving your tail, and it will move. All human tails look like a cat’s, but the end has a small feathery tuft that you can spread open and closed. Try moving it with your wings. Practice that while skipping, running, jumping or in the shower. Perfect way to get flying!

Introduction To Magic

As you know, I don’t remember when I found my magic. However, I know how to use it, and teach you how to use your magic. Here’s a little story of Kat, my sister, using magic. She was in her high chair, near a table, and on that table was a pen out of her reach. My mom and I were in the room, and for a second we both looked away from Kat. When we looked back at her, she had the pen in her hand! Holy crap!

Only people who have enough magic can do spells. I’m not sure if I have enough magic, but that’s only because I haven’t mastered a levitating spell yet. My favorite way to start is to choose a small object and put it in front of you. Point your wand or the palm of your hand at it, and think or whisper, levitate. This will take a look a long time to get right. That should help with other spells.

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