What I’ve observed about Down Syndrome as a Mom, healer, bodyworker, etc.

Even though I’ve be a bodywork for almost 30 years, I’ve never had a patient, client with Down Syndrome. In College for Physical Therapy, Down Syndrome wasn’t even mentioned. I had no experience and no idea of what to expect after the diagnosis of Down Syndrome was given to my daughter. She was a couple of hours old.

As a meditator, I know to open to the experience and learning. An open eye meditation for life.

Day 2 of Kat’s life. I asked her what’s with the Down Syndrome profile? Her response, “We were/are dolphins.”


I studied, I talked to everyone I could to gather info.

The Doctors






Lactation consultants

The most important info was studying low tone. What the heck that meant.

For us that meant reflux

Impacting constipation

Unable to nurse, I pumped the life out of me for 2 years.

Sleep apnea

Ok, pulled the dairy out of my diet.

I’m a physical therapist so I know how to handle reflux without meds, and she had torticaollis.

A few things to handle reflux: Sit baby up after eating, they say 20 minutes but for Kat it was closer to 30. Apparently low tone is everywhere, even the intestines. Seems that low tone lengthens digestion.

I was already gluten free.

Postional release, sleep on an incline

The finest hole in the nipple of the bottle. Did you know different brands of nipples have different size holes. Platex seemed to have the smallest.

“Magically,” in the NICU (we were there for 1 week,) her low O2 levels resolved when they switched her to the slowest flow nipple they had.

In the NICU that hammered her with Antibiotics. When she came out her gut was all tight and she had internal scar tissue, adhesions. I’m a Crainosacral Therapist and a Visceral Manipulation therapist. I was able to release the adhesions. To find someone in your are go to


Ugh: Constipation again.

So we go to the doctor and ask for something non-toxic. Miralx and some other what have called, non-absorable medicine. Really, non-absorbable?? One of the liquid meds was red. As in red dye…….

Anyway, back on magnesium, probiotics and coconut oil, with more visceral manipulation.

Here is a tip for brushing your kids teeth without hurting yourself. Lay your kiddo down on their back with their head up on a pillow. Put coconut on their tooth brush, I use a toothbrush called a flossing tooth brush and brush away. Then I give my kid the toothbrush with whatever toothpaste we are using now and let her practice.



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